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Bored of wood? Re-board® it!


PaperlinX Singapore continues its mission of providing eco-friendly paper solutions with the newest product for its Signs and Display range, Re-board®.

Re-board® is a strong yet sturdy sandwich board made from 20% recycled fibres that functions both as a communication medium and as a construction material. Its lightness makes it easy to mount and handle, yet its patented sandwich construction makes it durable enough to support large creative designs. Re-board® is 100% recyclable like regular paper and withstands bending or skewing in moist conditions.

This Swedish-made eco-smart material can be stored by simply dismantling and flat-packing it, unlike foamboards and wood that are normally disposed of after just one use. Visuals printed on Re-board® may also be easily changed, simply by reprinting a new design on the surface.
See Soon Seng, PaperlinX Singapore’s Divisional Manager for Sign and Display, shares the good news about Re-board®. “Since our launch last March, a lot of sectors have shown a keen interest in using Re-board® for their visual communication materials, such as telecommunications, retail and lifestyle as well as non-government organisations.”

“Re-board® is a cost-effective and energy-efficient alternative for Singapore companies,” Mr. See adds. “If they want to use it overseas, it is very useful because they can fabricate it locally and ship it overseas at a fraction of the cost, because it is so light compared to wood.”

If the Re-board® business takes off in the local scene, PaperlinX Singapore – its exclusive distributor in Asia – will widen its market reach to include Indonesian and Malaysian markets. Currently, Re-board® enjoys a wide acceptance in 50 other countries around the world.

Mr. See, however, recognises that Re-board® may not be for everyone. “It is going to take time…It’s for companies with a specific message and those who see the benefit of using something like Re-board® in place of wood and foamboard.”

Changing the mindset may be PaperlinX Singapore’s biggest challenge, but for a company known for its trailblazing eco-practices and their environmentally-conscious products, the greener goal ahead may just be within their reach.

For more information on Re-board® and other products in the Sign and Display range, visit here.