Astrosilver is an elegant mica coated cover. The mica coated surface interacts with the embossed patterns to bring your printed images a sparkling warmth not seen on ordinary coated papers. The reverse side of Astrosilver is matte-coated and ideal for text, solids as well as 4C printing.



  • Brochures
  • Book covers
  • Namecards
  • Folders
  • Greeting cards
  • Calendars
  • Gift boxes
  • Paper bags
  • Menus

GSM / Sheet Size


Environmental Profile

  • Pulp bleached using Elemental Chlorine-Free bleaching process
  • ISO 9706 Long Life
  • EN71/3 Safety of Toys (migration of certain elements)
  • Neutral pH (cold extraction)
  • Pulp from sustainable forests
  • 94/62 CE (heavy metal absence)


*All stocks and sizes subject to availability


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