Bagus Foam Board


Bagus has a full range of Rigid Board ranging from Foam Board, PVC Board, Display Board, etc.

Suitable for graphics mounting, screen printing or direct UV printing, we definitely have something you will need for your graphics applications.

Product Attributes

  • Choice of Polystyrene Foam or Display Boards
  • Durable
  • Comes in standard, black and premium quality
  • Premium Grade (Made in Korea)
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Lightweight
  • Ideal for mounting on different media
  • Suitable for manual / machine cutting
  • Include packing – 25 pieces per carton


  • White foam center
  • Paper liner both sides
  1. Center
    • Extruded white polystyrene foam
    • Soluble in solvent and toluene base glue.
    • Water-Base glue recommended
    • Not flame retardant
    • Expanding or damaged when exposed to heat more then 100*c
    • No acidity or toxin substance contained
  2. Liner
    • White clay-coated matte paper 150gsm
    • pH neutral surface ranging 7.0~8.0
    • Water based adhesive pH 7.0~8.0 is used to laminate foam core and paper liner
    • No lignin and toxic substance contained
    • White clay-coated matte paper 150gsm

Product Specifications


*All stocks and sizes subject to availability


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