Bagus PVC Board


Bagus has a full range of Rigid Board ranging from Foam Board, PVC Board, Display Board, etc.

Suitable for graphics mounting, screen printing or direct UV printing, we definitely have something you will need for your graphics applications.

Product Description

Bagus PVC Board is ideal for printing direct onto, suiting a wide range of display applications. The main material is PVC & Calcium Carbonate. these high density PVC rigid boards are becoming the substitution of wood in many fields such as AD and Decoration. Being a rigid, durable and hard wearing material, it is ideal for various applications including Outdoor Signs, Graphics Panels and Exhibition Display Boards.

It is made through foaming and pressing into shape with additives, so it covers not only features of woodplast, but also can be printed and engraved easily. Bagus PVC Board is suitable for both indoor & outdoor use.

PVC sheet board is a flexible, economical, extremely versatile PVC-U sheet.

The fine cell structure and smooth surface finish makes it the preferred choice of professional printers and sign makers. Whether it be for signs, billboards or displays, the superior quality always ensures dependable, reliable performance and excellent results.

PVC sheet board is very suitable for mechanical working and ideal for sawing, drilling and milling.


  1. light weight,good tenacity, high rigidity
  2. good insulation
  3. no sopping, no deformation
  4. easily to processed
  5. good plasticity, being an excellent thermoform material
  6. sub-light surface and elegant vision
  7. suitable to silk screen printing or UV direct printing


  1. plastic coating, membrance-stuck and printing
  2. with the usual equipment and tools, it can be processed again.
  3. welding and bonding
  4. cutting and sawing
  5. bending when heated-up, thermal forming
  6. hole-drilling, Channeling and die cutting
  7. nail, wrest and rivet


  1. exhibition desk, Shelve in supermarket
  2. Advertisement Board and sign board
  3. the advertisement sheet for printing,engraving,cutting,sawing
  4. Architectural decoration and upholstery
  5. decoration for partition wall and shop windows

Product Specifications

Thickness, 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 5mm & 10mm
Width, 1220mm x 2440mm
Color white, black.



*All stocks and sizes subject to availability


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