Phoenix NCR Paper


Let your documents be reborn with every copy you make with Phoenix NCR Carbonless Paper. Developed by Oji Paper, the pioneer in no-carbon copying paper and one of the most respected pulp & paper producers, Phoenix Carbonless Paper is a pressure-sensitive copying paper, ideal for making duplicate copies and ensuring your originals are reborn flawlessly, every time!


Paper Attributes

  • Produces intense, clear-cut images in blue or black
  • Provides excellent resistance to the elements – like sunlight, heat and moisture – ensuring clear copies and stable quality
  • Minimal fade-out and retains images for longer periods (under normal conditions)
  • High sensitivity and copying capability
  • High whiteness and smoothness
  • Excellent printability, runnability and convertability

GSM / Sheet Size



*Phoenix Fanapart Adhesive – 1kg per bottle

*All stocks and sizes subject to availability


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