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Our Sustainability

OVOL Singapore and our entire network of operating companies continually seek to add value for you, for our employees, for the communities in which we operate, for our stakeholders, and for the future of our world. This is our commitment to a sustainable future for all.

OVOL Singapore, comprising of Spicers Paper (Singapore) Pte Ltd and JPP Far East (S) Pte Ltd, provides local Singapore companies with products that support sustainability, such as environmentally-friendly everyday papers which are part of your basic communication needs.


Every company requires paper to print for their day-to-day operations, as well as publications like annual reports and various marketing materials. Our dedication lies in providing you with the right choices, a platform by which to enable you to engage in sustainable practices through the use of eco-friendly papers. We continue to spread a greener message by giving talks, trainings and presentations to our customers, and to corporations and organisations, spreading awareness and planting the seeds of environmentally-friendly choices as far as we can reach.

Internally, OVOL Singapore continues to use sustainability as the backbone of our business. We carry on investing in our facilities, systems, brands and people, so that we may continue to grow and deliver returns to our stakeholders.

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