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Beyond Prestige – A Heartfelt Commitment

Spicers Singapore’s membership in organisations goes beyond prestige – it is an affirmation of our current practices and our management’s leadership initiative in promoting the same acts across our organisation.



Spicers Singapore has contributed a percentage of our sales margins to organisations such as the Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital and the Silver Tribute Fund which support the needy elderly from eight different homes. For more information on the Silver Tribute Fund, visit:

Spicers  Singapore Supports wildlife conservation efforts

To: MOM (To: My Orangutan Mother)


As part of Spicers Singapore’s manifesto of Sustainable Growth: With Pride and Passion We Lead, we supported two young conservation wildlife photographers in their quest to create awareness of endangered orang utans.

Spicers Singapore was the proud sponsor of the 51,000 cards printed on PEFC certified papers which were distributed to the public to promote the event.


As a firm believer that awareness and education leads to a more proactive society,Spicers Singapore continues to hold “eco” talks and “green” presentations for local and overseas clients such as design agencies, printers and end-users. Here are some of the venues in which we encouraged our clients to go green:
Malaysia “Going Green” Summit (2009)

  • Friends of Building Sustainability, Green Knowledge Exchange Round Table Dialogue (July 2010)
  • Vietnam “Eco Day” (2009)
  • Eco World participation (April 2010)
  • FGD Expo: promoted paper products with and shared knowledge to graphic arts industry in Indonesia
  • PEFC Seminar: “Sustainable Opportunities for your Business: The Why, What and How?” (February 2011)


Workplace Safety & Health is also a key concern for us. Spicers Singapore’s safety vision is “No Injuries”, thus we are committed to the provision of safe and healthy working conditions for our employees and business associates. We believe safety is a shared responsibility between our company and our employees, and each member of the Spicers team is individually accountable for their own safety as well as their colleagues’, adhering to safety systems and procedures at all times.

View our BizSafe Certificate issued by The Workplace Safety & Health Council here

Aside from actively pursuing our goal of an injury-free working environment, we strive to achieve and maintain the safest workplace possible in all our global locations through a balanced approach to Occupational Health & Safety.
We adhere to the following core safety principles:

  • Accountable Leadership at all levels
  • Compliance with the legislation in each of the countries we operate in
    Risk Management
  • Constructive engagement focused on effective consultation and communication with stakeholders
  • Continuous improvement
  • Performance with measurable objectives and targets and openly reporting our Safety, Health & Environment performance
  • To ensure we reach our goals, our sites are regularly reviewed and audited by our team of qualified auditors and external bodies.