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Corporate Xclusives… Because We Care

In Spicers Singapore, we take our social and environmental responsibility seriously. We know about issues that affect our environment and society like poverty and pollution; and we acknowledge that sometimes it is the activities that are so essential to our survival that do the most damage to earth, and we may not be able to completely remedy them. Thus in Spicers Singapore, we only aim do our best in making a difference in the little ways we can–like putting a smile on a child’s face, and spreading the green message to you, our partners, so that we will all continue to have a chance to live and grow in a good, clean environment.


Pressed Flower Project

Petal by petal… Leaf by leaf… Lives are changed

Working on the Pressed Flower Project

Make a connection and build relationships with your customers and business partners with cards that speak of your corporate values.
Millions of families in Indonesia and Philippines live below USD2 a day. You can help someone get through each day, with a little dignity and hope.

In collaboration with Care Channels International (, Spicers Singapore is launching a sale of its tastefully designed hand crafted pressed flower calendars and cards, made by the slum dwellers in Philippines and Indonesia. Net proceeds of the sale will go to helping the lives of hundreds of impoverished families with household needs, medical treatment, educational sponsorships and feeding undernourished children.

Help make a difference… It will also speak volumes about your company’s compassion for the less fortunate and your corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Your Corporate Ability to Drive Sustainability & Give…



“I was an alcoholic and wife-beater. I barely earned enough for my family of five as a ‘barker’. My job was to call out and direct passengers to fill up a jeepney.

Since I started working at Care Channel office doing odd jobs, I have learnt to do framing and calendar binding. I also learn good family and work values from my colleagues. I enjoy my work because my views and opinions are taken into consideration, and I take pride in my work. I have stopped beating my wife and am learning to show her love. I no longer steal from sleeping drunkards. I am aware that I still get tempted in areas of my weaknesses, and I need to grow stronger.”



“I am the fourth in a large family of seven. My father is a roadside vendor of candy and cigarette. When my father’s income for the day is low, or when he is drunk, we go to bed without dinner. To support my studies, I started working at age of 13 as a domestic helper. I was paid US$0.41 for three hours work.

I came under Care Channels’ Education Sponsorship in my second year of high school. That was a big help for school supplies and projects. My grade average for 4th year high school was 86% and I wanted to enrol for college but did not have the means. That was when I was offered a part-time job at the Care Channels’ office, where I was able to work half the day and go to school the other half. I am grateful for this open door, for providing me with an opportunity to further my studies and work towards a better future for me and my family.”



“My husband passed away after several years of cancer and we spent so much money for his medication until finally, we had to sell our house. I had suffered a lot of headache because I kept thinking of my family.

Thank God for CCI’s livelihood project, I did not have any more headaches since I started pasting flowers on calendars. Now I can earn some money for our daily needs and also my times very productive.”

… to 72 slums, 677 families, 1,391 malnourished children, 24,000 patients and many more.

For more information on this project, or to place orders, please call Berenice Poh at 6412 7991 or email her at

Methane Gas Capture Project


Join us in our fight against global warming!

Methane is good for many things—it is a good gas for driving vehicles, cooking food, and creating electricity. However, it is also extremely harmful to the environment—methane gas is a greenhouse gas that causes global warming and the degradation of our ozone layer. Worse, in cases of high concentration, methane gas can be explosive.

At Spicers Singapore, we know about the harmful effects of methane gas, but acknowledge that it is impossible to prevent the emission of methane gas into the environment, and that it will also take a lot more time and effort to discover more extensive ways to reduce the effect of methane in our environment, as it is produced from essential human activities.

Thus at the moment, as part of our CSR initiatives, we have taken the step of buying offset credits from a Methane capturing project in Liaoning, China to help finance the high operational costs of the equipment, and also to show our support for the worthy cause of reducing methane gas in the air.

In support of this project, we bring to you our limited series of notebooks. Named the Carbon Neutral notebook, these notebooks are fully customisable in terms of colour, size and number of pages. Pick your favourite colour and preferred size! It will be unique and useful for your meetings, and a major reminder of your bid to save the environment you live in.

These notebooks are made by A’ zone Corporation.
For prices and more information, please call Mr Bernie Lee at 9001 8318.

Click here for more information about the Methane Gas Capture Project.